Tababuie Golden Rain

Poem By Liilia Talts Morrison

Late March brings bursts of golden rain
A million petals dance and glide
In showers from a boundless source
As tababuies preen in Spring

The wind persuades the blooms to fly
Soon carpeting lawns, streets and lanes
They cloak the ground with yellow joy
So fleeting, delicate, yet real

Abundant is their flowering
Exploding from trees known to heal
Yet no one notes a single bloom
Amid a sea of richest quilts

Each smiling flower has one day
To spread its magic to the land
The earth by morning will embrace
Those golden messengers of Spring

They say the tababuie tree
Is sacred in its healing ways
Its bark, its sap, its leaves and blooms
Cure natives bound with tropic plagues

There’s something in me craves and needs
To dwell in warmth of clime and hue
To find relief in humid nights
And mark my days like blossoms spent

Spring rains bring fleeting showers rare
Cascading flakes to earth they fly
In yellow bursts of petals fair
So bright against a teal blue sky.

Comments about Tababuie Golden Rain

'Late March brings bursts of golden rain', Liilia, such a stunning picture, 'cascading flakes to earth they fly'! ! ! !

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