Tablets And Lotions.

I've got Pills and Tablets, Lotions and Potions,
Some are used to calm the emotions.
The colours are lovely, All beautiful and bright,
I take a few in the morning others at night.
There are Red and Yellow, Green and Blue,
I've got so many, I could give some to you.
The ones I take to make me sleep,
Make my pupils small and deep.
Some you know are for my head,
After taking these I wish I was dead.
Then I have some just for my nerves,
These make straight lines look like curves.
The one's I like the best of all,
Make all of my problems seem so small.
The tiny Green ones are not too bad,
If only they didn't make me feel so sad.
I'm pleased I don't work in a Chemists shop,
For I think that my Tummy would go off pop.
Now if you will take some advice from me,
Don't take tablets, Drink a cup of TEA.

by Bernard Shaw

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