Taboo Feelings

When I look at you I see hope
And to my troubles I can elope
When I touch you I am at ease
Because my worries are left behind the abyss
When I think of you I forget my troubles
As if they are popping like bubbles

How I long to hold your lovely face
For you in my mind I can’t erase
Through a tender kiss on that cherry red lips
My gloomy heart would surely be out of the eclipse
When you are at my side holding my hand
I fear no troubles for now I understand

Even though I can’t call you mine
And you and I can’t cross over the line
Please know this that I am here for you
And my feelings for you will be forever true
I will hold your hand forever if I can
Even if they will utterly call me a madman

For what is sanity if to live without you
It wont mean a thing if you only knew
To feel this way today is tormenting
And I don’t want in the end to be regretting
So I want you to know before I lay myself
Let this be a secret to our self

by Eminus Sleepus

Comments (2)

Wonderful poem. You've beautifully captured the taboo of a socially unaccepted love. Here's hoping you get to live out a last stanza- one that allows you two reward for your patience.
oooohhh! what a sweet poem