Taboo Love

Beauty unmatched with skin so fine,
Love perpetuated from one so divine,
How troubles falter her step every which way,
An endless battle every single day.

Yet she pushes through, she strives strong,
Finding strength in words through every song.
Anything to keep her going, she’s not one to give up,
Never one to give into drinking from death’s cup.

Hours forever it seemed to be,
How far she seems away from me.
Just a kiss from my lips is what she needs,
Just to close her eyes and beg for peace.

Weakness begins to show as tears in her eyes,
As parts of her she must let go with goodbyes.
Although it pains, it must be done,
For hers is an unending war that must be won.

A burning spirit of passion deep within her soul,
To love and live on is her only goal.
Only the best will suffice her boundless love,
Something a man can only dream of.

And yet, breathing, living; she’s the spirit in the air,
By my words and rhymes I will be there.
Let me breathe the breath of life into your lung,
For a love with me has just begun.

Beauty in all that she is, and so much more,
Far more than any man could ask for.
We share taboo love, yet we keep it still,
I’ve always loved her, and I always will.

by Casey Gochnour

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