Tagore Song (224) Oh Matchless One If Spellbounded Amid Song Please Forgive Me

(hei nirupoma gane Jodi lage bihobol taan)
Oh matchless one
If becoming spellbound in songs
Please forgive me
Heavy rainfall is bursting today
River sounds flowing full to brim
Amidst forest’s fresh leaves cheer
Wet wind singing the storm-story
In many directions

Oh matchless one
If becoming too fast then forgive
Your two black eyes are shadowed
By black seasonal rain
Your dark-black crinkly hair holding
Necklace from Junthi
Your feet holding the welcome plate
Of new rainy season

Oh matchless one
If becoming too fast please forgive
Came the rainy seasons abridge day
Forests keenly glad
Bokul-Bithi busy budding in garden
New Kodombo pervading airborne
Spreading pleasure

Oh matchless one
If eyes today make mistake forgive
See across far-corner of the sky
Lightening occurring frequently
Why looking-fast by your window
Restless air rushing toward here
For which reasoning
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

by Tushar Ray

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