JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)


An unknown word upon the screen
embeds in my creative mind.
A challenge that was unforeseen;
a definition I must find.

I knew it had a foreign tone
so on the net I went to seek,
and hoped it was a stand alone
or my pursuit would quickly peak.

My hunt would lead to Lapland's door,
within there lied a choice buffet.
One meaning, yes, and many more;
which one to chose from this array?

In music of the Finnish world
is where I knew I'd find a clue,
and as the meanings were unfurled
I sent my answer back to you.

Impressed that I had gone so far,
but laughing 'til you had to cry,
led me to find my guiding star
and humbly send this tact reply.

'I know the meaning's on this page
(it shines at night for all to see,)
but I am not a Finnish sage,
so time or pace it still could be.'

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