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Tailing Tale

in the garden of the east
i saw the pink fairy fly
sparkling trails i saw her leave
as i've seen in picture books

fascinated by this wonder
i followed through the woods
as though guiding me in a dream
it gently slowly led me on

through the garden of the east
into woods and fields
by the brooks and the streams
i just kept on going

wondrous were those sights
of lovely flowers and heady scents
'twas a fairy tale garden indeed
an' i thought it all a fantasy

humming bees and butterflies
led me to that tree
where i saw my fairy perched
on a tiny flower

on that magic pear tree
hung two magic pears
it was not for me i knew
it could have been for you

the air was a sharp delight
the wind was crisp and light
the colors of the evening
had drawn together there

in that magic moment
as me and the fairy stared
the air went suddenly still
and the pears went out of view

it was nothing but a twinkle
like the glitter on a diamond
a beauty to behold
but never to be held

fairy tales have meaning
its always been so
still, for all my searching
i don't find none in here

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