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Tainted Refuge

in my dreams im lost in a sea
of happiness and joy

numb to the feelings of the outside

im lost in dreams that dont make
sense because they dont have to

escaping the painful world

my own created world, my refuge,
my safe place

here i can not be hurt

images look as though they're
alive vividly in my mind

dancing around an imaginary fire

but since you left all i have is nightmares

my tears fill oceans and i drown
for an eternity

blood seeps from every inch of
my lifeless body

my heart is broken and the shards
pierce my skin

my refuge now torn, broken, tainted

your voice haunts me still in
my dreams

as you break my heart over and over
again everytime i close my eyes

by Melissa Broomhead

Comments (3)

Strong poetry... I love it.
Nice write Mel. Love dave xxx
I like this poem. It has real meaning to it. Real deep. I love it how you make dreaming seem like torture with out that one person, rather that joyful when you were with him. Nicely done :)