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Tainted With Strife
MS (10/04/1975 / Martinez, CA)

Tainted With Strife

My name means sweet
and sweetened with honey.

Some say my sign can sweep
you off your feet
and make you feel funny.

However, within the last days of mine
I feel the running of time.

Time catches up with me too quick,
and I feel I’m in a stick.

What can I do oh LORD of mine,
when I feel the running of time?

My house is full of disaster
and being full of strife seems my answer.

Even though I know I am wrong
and I know what I need to do,
I am stick in a throng
and twirling through a kazoo.

Help my GOD – save me from my strife!
Make me new again – cut my sin with your knife!

Your word is like a double-edged sword,
which tells me I desperately need you my LORD.

It tells me I need you every day
and tells me never to stray.

Please remove me of being wicked
as I am a slave to my sins
which have piled up into a thicket.

I love you my LORD.
and I know you will help me,
and make my sins flee.

A cord of two strands is not easily broken,
- but a cord of three strands
no one can be against that which is spoken.

Bind me in your truth,
test my heart in your perfection,
tell me through you WORD
how I can better my thought collection.

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