Taiwan Betal-Nut Beauty In Bikini

I feel very sad,
After seeing the girls scantily clad,
At the roadside, selling the betal nut,
Seducing the customers with a great lust,
Neon-lit betal-nut stands, lining along the City Boulevard,
Running on it are the kindergarten and school bus,
The customers would look them with an awe,
The parents would regard them as an eye-sore,
You may look like beautiful models,
But for young children you set very bad example,
Your almost naked body should be displayed on the sunny beach,
Out of the reach,
Of school compound,
Or public platform.
Sometimes you have the sale-promotion show,
Gyrating the hip with wearing the bikini very low,
The customers would watch with popping eyes amazed,
Oh! young girls, you are doing the wrong thing at the wrong place,
You say chewing betal-nut is a Taiwanese culture,
But don't forget it is one of the causes of mouth CANCER!

by U Win Kyi

Comments (2)

After checking out your country and also having had some experience of travelling in Asia, what springs to mind after reading this piece, is the need to remember ethnic diversity in culture and tradition. I have tried the dreaded Betal-Nut myself and it was hideous to say the least but they like it and I believe it has some hallinagenic properties which makes them feel better! lol As to how and where they sell this Nut! well the European's outlook is far removed from the indigenous populations views. Sex has been sold in this way for hundreds of years and no more so than today. A very interesting style. All the best, Tai