Taiwan Brain-Child (Buying Vouchers By Taiwan Goverment) .

On 2009.1.18, all Taiwanese people were happy.
They got buying vouchers for free,
to make a buying spree,
to spur the bad economy.

Each and every one got shopping vouchers,
worth about 3600 NT dollars,
given by the government,
during the difficult moment.

No matter poor or rich,
the vouchers were given as a gift.
No matter old or young,
the vouchers are a real fun.

Those who can't make ends meet,
the vouchers are a great help indeed.
Those who are rich really don't need,
they in turn donate to poor people as meritorious deeds.

The vouchers were given out at 14202 stations.
The total amount was enormous..NT $ 85.7 billions,
for a population of 23 millions.

The plan was the government's brain-child,
praised by the people with a broad smile.

by U Win Kyi

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