Taiwan Ghost Month

In 7th month of lunar calendar,
people are feeling fear.
because the ghosts are freed from the hell
to roam in town here and there.
During that time, buying a house is put on hold,
so also marrying to a loving soul.
Starting a new business must be postponed,
so also moving into a new home.
The patient won't go to hospital unless it is serious,
because he is afraid the ghost would take away his last breath.
If the doctor is going to operate
the patient would negotiate to be on a later date.
When joking about ghost reaches their ear,
the ghost would cast a dreadful spell.
Special feasts are arranged for them to wine and dine,
Paper money are burned to satisfy their mind.
Staying late into the night is forbidden,
as the ghost would scare the children.
As the image of ghost appears in my mind,
a shivering chill runs down my spine.
The ghost are called Good Brother in a friendly way,
so as not to mess up with them, my grandpa says.

by U Win Kyi

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