Taiwan Night Market

Taiwan night market
Eating out there is the best.
Opens until midnight.
so convenient for night life.
Food vendors hawking loud
to a large visiting crowd.
Stinky tofu and flaky scallion pancake
very delicious to soft palate.
You have 2 different choice
braised pork rice or fried rice.
There are eel noodles, oyster thin noodles,
flat noodles and fried rice noodles,
which make your mouth water
and relieve your hunger.
Then the oyster omelet.
If you don’t eat, I bet,
you would surely regret.
You can eat steamed sandwich
If your stomach still permits.
Fried leek dumpling and tofu pudding
their proof of good taste is not just seeing but eating.
Taiwanese meatball and seaweed soup
Eating them by a large scoop.
Candied tomato and sugar cane juice
to a full stomach they would sooth.
Night market much liked by housewives
Because they don’t need to cook dinner that night.

by U Win Kyi

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I can picture the scene - thankyou.