Taj Mahal

What monument shall I build again for you?
My visions and verse are for you alone,
What all dreams shall I colour with my lyrics
My solitary hours are for only you,
What endless song shall I create?
My boundless joy overflows this creative cup,
What do you seek in return for love?
My feelings cant match your timeless colour,
What poetry shall I etch on every stone
My days cant outnumber the poems I write
What lines of symmetry will fetch your love
My love for you breaks barriers and soars to heights,

This love for you will never cease
I will keep loving you after I die,
You are my soul mate
In your eyes alone I see this whole world,
A pair of gems handed down from time to time
This heart is estranged each day we part
But I only have to see you from a distance
To feel a lifetime of joy;

Only your beauty makes my poem fetterless
Flooding into the world in my heaven bound journey,
You have made my days immortal
With your daily presence in my life
Remain eternally as this tomb of marble
As the sun in the sky of memories
In this world of verse.

by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

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