The Ocean

Clouds hug the touch shorline
The rocks curve upward sharply against the water
Oozing mud surprises the soft sand on the beach
As her face swings towards the blue sky
Clinging to the belief that the soft kiss was real

by Brie Carter

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Linda, Take a chance on what? It is hard to figure out if you are coming or going ! Although, I have read enough of yours to think, ... maybe that was the point. B.V.A.
Like Allie, I'm reminded of a song, by the opening line, Linda - I think it's one by Doris Day - More? (Another secret!) . Anyhow, it's such a fluid entry line that the reader can't resist. The unusual structure is ideal for the job - form follows function. It's a very interesting declaration Linda! ! You're revealing just enough to make this guy wonder! x jim
Beautiful poem. Well balanced between passion and reality. I find an interesting parrallel with an Indian philosophical method of using a string of negations to arrive at a positive truth. Excellent write.
For some reason this one reminds me of Sinatra's album 'In the Wee small Hours'. There is something very 1950s cool about it. Your words would make excellent lyrics for a jazz ballad. Incidentally, he'd be mad to knock you back! love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Did indeed like this, , , , , very well done
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