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Take A Chance
BM bryan mahoney (6/26/87 / queens, ny)

Take A Chance

the flip of a coin
the stare into space
the bluster of a dandilion
the eyelash on your face
hope, fate, destiny, belive
the emotions that bring you to your knees
leave you praying to anyone
for something
to someone
for anything
a fountin that drips not water,
but miricals
a flower that thats drifts not petals
but dreams
a shooting star not guided by dust,
but pioleted by promises
an eyelash that shows you happiness
yet blinds you from misary
suddenly its not so bad to have something in your eye
and a penny in a fountin dosent seem to costly
its funny how a wish can mean so much
yet be so simple and extreamly complex
for a wish to have a chance it must come from the heart
beliving is a start and following your destiny is a clue
the secret to your fate is having hope it will come true

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