Take A Stroll

Today I took a walk,
No I think more a stroll,
Around the world I know,
Within my peripheral limits.

I didn't go the edge of my vision
But the edge of my conscience rather,
To find if I was still there at the edge,
Or if I moved on in towards my heart.

I felt around inside my heart,
And found I could feel my head,
I thought it strange so I pondered,
Did I know or feel my presence.

I traveled beyond my bounds
to see myself from a broadened horizon,
What I came to understand is
I actually sensed my presence.

But did that indicate I felt it
Or did I know it,
No I believed it and rather,
I saw it in its essence.

Observing doesn't require knowledge,
And it doesn't require feeling,
It simply requires you to see,
And accept it as is.

by Logan Fulk

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