Take Aim And Fire

Take aim and fire!
Like a row of pretty boys all lined up
And ready to make their move for an evenings pleasure plow

Shooting blank stares at me
I never understood them
Who gets to go first?
The beautiful or the stupid?

Walk away disgusted
Like they do with their hair all sprayed green
All hard and as indifferent as a whores last lay of the night.

Take aim and fire!
It won't hurt
It all happens too fast.
We're all dead too fast.

It's that last noodle in the bowl we fight so hard to spear
That double flush to clear the bowl lest we offend
That final stretch before you must rise
That wicked pain that hits below the belt
It's a new morning

The bullet only enters an empty space anyway
Nothing to shatter here
Nothing to bleed red or mess the carpet
God forbid we mess the carpet

Trying to think of that name
What was her name again?
She had one, I'm sure of it
She launched it at me as she crossed the limits of my personal space
And asked the first thing she ever asked...What's up?

Like some oncoming train
Like some fly on a window pane, frustrated
Like some whale of an idea, too good to let go
To big to do anything about

Take aim and fire
I've nothing to lose anyway!


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