Take Baby Steps To Everywhere

There was nothing but love to stand in our way,
and you ever carefully pretended not to see.
There was nothing to say far as you are concerned,
pretending theres nothing between you and me.
I've made it all up it's a fake omni-presence,
as the feeling grows more into tension.
As i approached the subject with you in awe,
you spike me with 'there's nothing to mention'.
You made up excuses that I never understood,
you made yourself get in the way.
You cannot convince me you are happy without me,
you cannot fake there is nothing to say.
You lie through your teeth like an animal starved,
we convince ourselves it is always too late.
But the way you tell me that you are happy,
you always leave yourself in such a state.
I could never understand the way you mind worked,
and now I could not care less.
Even though I'm a tiny bit hollow without you,
I wouldn't want you anyway...i'm sorry..I confess.

by Vicky Harley

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