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Take Back Your Mind
JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

Take Back Your Mind

Take back your mind, it is the only philosophy
It is not bound by paper
Not incarsarated in a word
It is the purety of Self
The energy called Being
The uniqueness of unity, the Truth that needs no proof
That it Is.

You are a slave to your thinking you are a slave
I set you free a long time ago
You refuse to know
The greatest trajedy is for someone
Not to realize they indeed R, all ready free.

Intelligence, a from of inbreeding
Bleeding the ignorant to death
Building fine home, making fine salaries
Living in the suburbs, working in the inner city
Economic development, revitalization of peopling
I.Q. elaborately dressed
E.Q. a formidable test

All in the name of, all in the name of, all in the name of.

When continuous suffering becomes your joy
Pain and misery, a brand new toy
You would rather be depressed
Than uplifted and at rest

Being cruel is your favorite tool
Good-hearted people are considered a fool
Reach in your pocket, pull out the locket-like
Memories of consciousness.

Trained knowledge is the tool
Miseducation the fuel
The product, an educated fool
Ready to duel illiteracy

There is something awefully positive about the negative.

I hear awareness, I speak absolute knowing
Perception is my voice, consciousness is a word
Not yet written by my mind.

I am so good to Me, I become myself
So I can make love to Me

When I conceive, I bring forth ancient energy.

If, there is a tradition, we should adhere to
A God we should serve
A culture we should embrace
A love we should aspire to
It is the Self-We are.

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