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Take Care Of Your House
MRM ( / Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Take Care Of Your House

Poem By Margaret R. Meyerer

A house of cards
is easy to build
No foundation is laid
No cement to strengthen the walls
So many ways can this
House fall down
A wind blow
A slight misplaced hand.
No one can help
As you select your tools
Materials can be easily found
Take care in choices made.
This is your life
But many others
Are also touched
The warning is all around.
Another house was built just right
Love was the foundation
And children strengthened the walls.
A roof of care settled over all.
But time washed its troubles
Against the roof and walls
And wore at the foundation
To weaken them all.
As occupants push and pull
Against each other
Family love declines
And the foundation is undermined.
When goals are the same
Children and parents pull together
And strengthen the future
Share love and speak the same.

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