AD (3/5/1984 / Colorado)

Take Control

Weary, feelings drift across the battered sky,
A thought, an idea, constantly wondering why.
I can't describe how tough it will get.
To make a decision to have your heart set.

Seconds, minutes, days, months and years.
Keep holding on despite all the tears.
Shadows casting devious stares all around.
Jumping out of your skin at the slightest sound.

Is love always like this, I dare ask.
Seems coverd like it's wearing a mask.
Never able to find the cure.
Never able to be a hundred percent sure.

No way to control what's really going on.
Feel useless, no need, just like a pawn.
Want to be strong, but no idea how.
Got to get through, got to do it now.

This may be it might be the last chance.
Got to look straight ahead, not take a tiny glance.
Find your heart and release your soul.
Gain everything that you need, take control.

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