Take Five

I disassociate my mind
from the coarse body housing me.
I leave the density behind
Untrammelled, free from gravity

I revel in the liberty
and travel at the speed of thought
to anywhere I want to be.
With other entities consort.

Communicating mind to mind
there can be no dishonesty
We can no longer hide behind
a mask or false identity.

Here kindred souls can congregate
and share their commonality.
Although we must appreciate
freedom’s only temporary.

It’s sad but true we must return
back to our bodies once again.
Full freedom we have yet to earn
we must endure the denser plane.

Bu those of us who meditate
until we can achieve release
Can for a while appreciate
the benefits of perfect peace.

Though we return reluctantly
we are refreshed and ready to
face any problems there may be
that lie in wait back home for you.


by ivor or ivor.e hogg

Comments (2)

Hi Ivor! Great poem, as always a pleasure to read! ! ! *10*! ! Thanks for sharing! ! Friend Thad
Once again Ivor, You have taken me out of the mundane and made me think. Thank you... A lovely poem, Colin J...