Take It From A Father

Some children you raise
Will abandon you,
Despise, deplore
And anger you.

What can you do?

Some sons will denounce
You to even some score;
Some daughters will leave
To dance and whore.

Dads, we're trapped forever more.

Some daughters will stay
And tend the home;
Some sons will sit
In cold cells alone.
They're worlds apart
From what we'd expect.

Dads, I'm not finished yet.

Some sons give sons their father's name,
Some daughters so sure they keep the same;
Some teach and preach and heal and toil,
They've learned their lessons well.
You're so proud you're buttons pop,
You never want this life to stop.

Dads, take it from me.

You've done your duty,
You've won the game,
And no two families
Are never the same.

by Francie Lynch

Comments (2)

Wowwww. Thoroughly enjoyed it.. Gr8 work Francie :)
High speculation. Excellent phraseology. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. ......10