Victory In Life

This is my conquest
for this do i strive
time and time again
for victory is my pride......

So shout loud
let the echoes ring
through the hall ways
let our voices sing........

Suprimacy is my god
In every game I play
and in life as whole
I shell be triumphant in all......

At the end of the day
this is what i need.......
My faith, My pride,
My VICTORY in life.............

by punsara amarasinghe

Comments (9)

This is such a fine philosophical write....very evocative..­čÖé10+++++++++
My love will resonate throughout the night..., , ........, ., , , , , , , , ...., , with a shower of incessant tears in our final hours Love and pain it is only tears can soothe the pain. Thanks for sharing Paul!
A sad love story: uncompromisingness can be cruel as surgeon's knife. I like your poem, Paul!
Danke Elias, Ich w├╝nsche auch eine gem├╝tliche Weihnachten. This is about my first German girlfriend but I am a happy Grandpa these days. Lieben Gru├č Paul
sch├Ânes Gedicht mein Freund, frohe Weihnachten Ellias :)
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