(May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

Take It Or Leave It

Standing here a victim of a slanderous tongue
Pleading my innocence with a song left unsung
Easing my troubles with liquor and cigarettes
Trying to imagine what happened inside the silhouettes
Then the devilish arrived with a mission of disruption
guiding the ghosts to rest upon their shoulders.
Cleverly aware of their sprees and wicked schemes
as the incense burns and the holy smoke smolders.
The grandest of the impostors is positioning himself
to commence a ruckus with dishonesty and corruption.
My eyes have witnessed the coming of the soldiers
marching without conscious and simply following orders.
Our miscommunication developed without a sign or clause
Nevertheless my passion wasn't the reason and certainly not the cause.
Since this time I have appealed to cross your borders
To open your compassion and soften your troubled woes
to dulcify your weary soul and free you from assumptions.
However our quarrel has never ended and maybe because
the broken heart from yesteryear is still sitting on the shelve.
Then you break your silence with a gush of pure emotion.
It came as a cascade and to my astonishment like a dying rose.
You say 'Take it or leave it' well this isn't so easy
I begged you for forgiveness but you turned to the wall
And you say to 'Take it or Leave it' I pain with depression
I simply cannot go on with the last words of our call.
Please change your heart and hear my sighs
I wander hours in the cold with our love as obsession
Tripping like a clumsy clown over my own feet
Thinking like a dimwit shuffling cards so incomplete
Reminiscing your smiles and kisses and beauteous face am I.
Lost you in a moment of carelessness and feeling two feet tall.
Devoted so many hours of defending you from ridicule
What became of dedication where we never became cruel?
Remember me gentle and free
Never hurting anyone but you hold the key
Patient I stay; closed in my shell
Living in a turbulent hell
Yet I ask you again
Still you say 'Take it or Leave it'
Please change your mind about me
No devil am I
Losing feelings hurts so much I just can't explain
Overflowing affections do not seem to halt the pain
Let me stroke your hair and ease your tensions and sooth you
My love will resonate throughout the night to seduce you
with my heart on a silver platter and a bouquet of flowers
to accompany you with a shower of incessant tears in our final hours.

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I read it all is brilluant the words are moving and candid. Thanks for sharing. Great write
This is such a fine philosophical write....very evocative..🙂10+++++++++
My love will resonate throughout the night..., , ........, ., , , , , , , , ...., , with a shower of incessant tears in our final hours Love and pain it is only tears can soothe the pain. Thanks for sharing Paul!
A sad love story: uncompromisingness can be cruel as surgeon's knife. I like your poem, Paul!
Danke Elias, Ich wünsche auch eine gemütliche Weihnachten. This is about my first German girlfriend but I am a happy Grandpa these days. Lieben Gruß Paul
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