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Take It To Use
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Take It To Use

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Habitual liars,
Do it to fantasize.
So far they are removed,
From truth.
Obvious it becomes to others,
Their doing of it...
Is a useless pursuit.
Although their excuses made,
Are the best...
Of the latest creations.
Yet still remain lies.
To recognized them as such.
But to identify this habit,
Leaves one re-acting...
As if proud to have it.
Like a wound one gets...
Exposing to show,
When lieing to have fought off
Bandits at a local...
Grocery store.
A store already patrolled,
By security guards.
Sniffing dogs and cameras.

Take this one to wear.
Take it to use everywhere.'

-What is that? -

'A new mask.'


'The others you've adorned,
Have all worn out.
And this one,
Isn't made of plastic.'

Very light.-

'More believable.
And life-like too!
Fool proof and less obvious.'

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