Take Me Back

At first I thought I was dreaming..
but, no! It’s true
I thought I saw your face beaming
but it was a strange hue…
Thought I did something wrong
but couldn't figure it out

It's cold now, I wanted you to
step down
hold me, my Love, my sweet
let me feel the warmth of your

You seem so distant, so far away
Come back to me: my ONE, my ONLY
Can you hear me?
In a tunnel all I can hear is the words echo back at me.
I'm scared get me out of here...

I miss the light, the warmth, the heat, the smile...
How could my joy cause me pain?

...I'll stand by you...
I made up my mind that once
Tell me something, talk to me love
I'm listening, trying to
Maybe I can't hear

I gave my all, my life, my all, my love
& I’ll give it all up again...
For you.

When the storm dies down, that river crossed, and the night is finally over....

We'll go back to the place we first began.

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