Take Me Now, Death

Poem By Herman Sequira

In the blink of an eye, I'm in life's afternoon.
Speed onward I pray; O Death come for me soon.
My three score and ten are now thirty years past;
I plead for the end, as the die has been cast.

Your hovering shadows predict my demise,
Yet let me live on; no regard for my cries.
I listen in hope, but I hear not the knell
That signals the journey to Heaven or Hell.

Make haste and release me, I beg once again,
The mercy of death will relieve all my pain.
Your scythe with its bloodstained and oft sharpened blade
Can grant me the one wish for which I have prayed.

How long must I lay in this bed, close to death?
How long will it be 'til I take my last breath?
The chill of your presence just taunts with a lie,
A promise unkept; for I still wait to die.

Comments about Take Me Now, Death

Very heart felt, i can relate to this. Well done. Alex

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