KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

Take My Love

take my wings,
i dont want to fly,
u deserve this more then i,
i hope u understand,
what i ment,
when i said that i love u more then the world,
u were shy and i was out there,
i never would hav thought that i would have fell in love with you,
but i did,
and ur the best thing that has ever happend to me,
when your gone i long your touch,
when your with me,
i just love you so much,
i no that were meant to be,
and i hope this never ends,
you said,
when i held you i was afraid to kiss you,
when i kissed you i was afraid to love you,
now that ilove you,
im afraid to lose you,
but my darling of mine i couldnt bare to let you go,
believe me when i say that i your my one,
and your my only

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