(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Take My Place [rev]

Considering a face transplant
I decide that should I require a
face replacement I'd rather die,
as for organ transplant - such
as my heart, prefer death

The pain of adapting to a new
face or organs does not seem
worthwhile; should surgeons
say I can only live on condition
they cut off my nose leaving a

Gaping hole in my face - I'd
refuse, no joy makes intense
suffering worthwhile, I want
to live a normal life and leave
this world as happy as I can

No dramatics from surgery,
no heroics at the cost of my
joie de vivre, I will not accept
being a guinea pig, physical
death is such a good thing

There is such overpopulation,
It's the reason for so many
wars; I'm sure many souls
are waiting in the wings for
me to depart - jump in

And take my place on earth!

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