Take Not What I Say In Complete Consideration

I say only what I need to say in front of this congregation.

Only for the sake that what you say rolls to the floor and what you think of me is nothing but a bore.

So here I defend what little dignity I have left in me, at least that could be something that we both could agree

But leave my life alone, it’s already been chewed on by critics down to the bone.

Your not real, your just a shadow in the corner waiting to be revealed.

Just a monster creeping along like it’s nobody’s concern, and with just the smallest ounce of ammo you spit your words out and leave nothing but your trademark 'burn.'

I guess all the 'hate' that I once had seems so frivolous nowadays, but this 'retalitation' comes not from my mouth but from the girl with three ’A’s in her name.

So with a satisfied smile upon her face, I’ll shut my trap and finally close this foolish case

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