(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Take Off That Parachute

It doesn't matter who is elected to lead.
Or those issues diversified,
By those subdivided in divisions unsatisfied.
A cesspool where all reside stinks.
The smell of it reeks.
And even though this situation encloses them,
Participation in debates are scheduled.
Not to discuss and prioritize their fates.
But to regurgitate the placing of blame.
The necessity for races to be compared.
And whose policies should be followed,
Because of majority rule.
Regardless of how that is done by deceit!

I hate to disrupt the meeting.
The foundation seems to be experiencing unusual sinking.'

~That is not a Code Blue announcement.
When it has been determined a severity has begun to threaten,
Only then interrupt our affairs.
Is that clear? ~

I aint got no problem with it at all.'

~ And take off that parachute.
It looks ridiculous.
What are you trying to sell us now? ~

'Nothing. Nothing at all.
Many of us will be loading the cargo planes with supplies.
And a few of us will be jumping to safety...
To ensure the new dwellings are prepared to be occupied.'

~ If there is one thing I dislike...
That is a know-it-all.
Are you finished?
We have business to conduct here! ~

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