Take Our Time

Im not even gonna front now, Imma be real wit cha
I just wanted to kick it, be friends, and chill wit cha
But we ended up havin’ it before I knew I wanted it
And after that there was nothin’ to stop it
I see us playin’ in fire, this game is dangerous
But you the best thing that happened to me since, well I can’t even name it
But sometimes I think it woulda been best if we stayed acquaintances
Im feelin’ you enough to chase this
But I respect it enough to leave it
I wanna take our time and let it grow
Let you know when im ready, I wanna take it slow
I don’t even wanna think it, but friends and nothin’ more til then
But I know in a past life
We woulda been just right
But right now we gotta take our time

by Jaquelle Haynes

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