Take The Journey

Poem By Poetic Judy Emery


The years have passed, but my mind is still on you
My heart is broken in two,
I have been doing a lot of thinking
Why life have been doing so much changing,
At times, it is so hard on me to say what it is I think,
I just stand quite while others look at me strange,
They would even ask others if I was okay,
So, I started writing all my pains down
in my own blood stain ink,
where others could read what, it is my heart bleeds,
It is hard for me to explain everything Dark Angel
Has done to me in darken dreams,
But I try to do my very best to open the doors of empty rooms
for all who is ready to take the journey,
there are so much to see in the battles of darken dreams
you will be left in darken places where you see the dead
while others are losing their minds in a different time,
in my mind, I have so much emotion bottled up within
My heart weeps for peace, but darkness is all I see,
In a world of pains that brings on pouring rain that stings,
I try so hard to express all that I feel or see,
I write on paper on the computer or on anything that will
let me write out my pains,
In darken dreams my world of screams, a place of darkness
Where the blood moon hangs in late June,
I never known life to be so cold. I always stand bold
Even in the hours of a painful storm,
On the scale of time I always write what's on my mind,
Just for the readers to see the journey of darken dreams
That comes to me while I sleep.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Darken Dreams is me
Poetic Lilly Emery.

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