Take The Shade Away From Mine

Poem By Raymond C. Christian

Take the shade away from mine,
Of racial color, please God, let us be blind.
It is true, we're all the same inside,
Let us not build on false hope or pride. The blood that flows red through our veins,
Controls our lives our hurts and pains.
There's an empty void inside of men,
Drawing us to our senseless end. Oh why! can't our differences be put aside,
In each of our destinies we must provide.
We have all been used for others gain,
God sees no differences, we're all the same. As every heart beat pumps red blood,
A reminder of life comes after the flood.
The rainbow will always continue to shine,
So please God, take the shade away from mine.

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Symbolic Woman

She rips, she tears, she screams;
Such a tantalizing sound of pleasure.
She's calm;
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I nurtured it with the love I feel,
It's synthetic beauty was not fake but real.
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