Take The World By Storm

Poem By Lisa Carter

Take the world by storm,
By tempest or by flood,
Commence your reign and swiftly gain
On those left in the mud.

Take the world by blizzard,
By snowstorm or by frost,
Kiss the dice and brave thin ice,
Surpass them at all cost.

Take the world by whirlwind,
By fervor or by force,
But be aware that without care
You’ll blow yourself off course.

Comments about Take The World By Storm

Great write, Lisa... inspiring with some wise advise added on to the end. Really well done! ! Brian
you're good-very talented-good balance-keep writing-the best is yet to come!
Very stirring, Lisa. 'Commence your reign and swiftly gain on those left in the mud.' Revolutionary thinking Lisa, Bravo.

5,0 out of 5
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