Take Them By The Hand

t’s been nine years, Lord
But the memories linger on
Please continue to help loved ones
Of the victims to be strong

Help us to understand something
That is so hurtful for everyone
Even innocent little children
For there is nothing they have done

The tears continue to flow
The hearts continue to ache
From those who love them so
There is so much still at stake

We take so much for granted
Every single day of our lives
But with these thoughts we treasure
Our husbands, children and wives

So if you can help each person
To try to understand
Give them special attention, Lord
Take them gently by the hand!

This was written for the victims and
their loved ones from the Oklahoma
City Bombing disaster.

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (2)

A heart touching poem and reminder Marilyn! Your sentiments are felt by all, a very sad day, that left victims dead and many families destroyed by grief. Thank you for sharing! Friend Thad
a woderful write....great...thanks Ency Bearis