KS (12/14/1992 / Colorado)

Take This My Last Breath

This Knife So Dull My Blood Runs Black
Tonights The Night I Dont Wanna Look Back
Upon My Wrists There lay A Picture
Perfect Lines All In A Row
To Many To Count As They Grow
My Blood Runs Dripping Down Like Rain From A Cloud
Screams Heard So Loud In Empty Silence
Face Growing Pale body Growing Weak
I Fall To The Floor In Just A Blink
Because Tonights The Night You Look Down On
This Dreary Day I Just Lay Oh So Still No Movement Left
Skin Cold Eyes Glazed In A Trance
For This My Last Breath I Gasp And Smile As I Fade Away
Darkness All Around As You Join Me in This Pain
Together Forever Just You And Me
For Thus Our Last Plea

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