(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

Take Time To Think

Take time to think,
Many times over;
Say something that causes love
Instead of anger.

Ponder all of the events
That come on your way;
Soberly weigh in your mind
The thoughts of the day.

Reflect on the lesson
That you do receive;
Put the message in your heart
Just before you leave.

Learn to contemplate,
While you're all alone;
The wrong you have done
Out there on your own.

Don't forget to meditate
Ere the Almighty;
Never be careless in asking
For your own safety.

Keep your both eyes closed,
Never let them blink;
You have the opportunity,
So take time to think.

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Take time to think, Many times over; Say something that causes love Instead of anger.....wow what a beautiful expression
Very inspiring and true, we must take time to think, specially before talking. Well penned, thank you for sharing.
Wisdom and love; clarity and simplicity; philosophy and beauty: these are the epithets which describe this powerful poem!
Beautiful advice! A kind of self introspection is needed to find our own blemishes and rectify them. If we take a little time to think many of our rash and impulsive actions can be checked. A man who takes time to think hardly land in danger! Well crafted! A sure 10
Amazing poem, excellently created and best end rhymes as needed, I will add this most beautiful poem from your smart mind ToMyPoemList. Thank YOU, dear Bernard Sir! I will read this gem time and again. A 10 Full Score and myriad 10´s more. Thank you so much that you published this in 2015 September. I have read a sublimest poem, smartest thought and worded. WOW! True inspiring. God´s Blessings Greatest for you and fam
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