Congratulations First Reflection

Congratulations! Congratulations!
Oh dear poet, 'First Reflection, '
We congratulate you with best wishes.
A great poem of social perception,
You have penned titled, "Visible Anxiety, "
This is excellently penned we agree.
Editors of Poem Hunter have rightly chosen,
A lovely Member Poem of the Day we read.
We thank editors and we thank you too.

You have recognized from
A simple word inside the crowd,
You have understood many questions,
You have reflected your right answers.

You saw her in one perception
And you noticed anger in her face.
Vehicle was removed at right time.
An excellent sharing is done really.

I shall give full hundred marks
For this notable work and effort,
I appreciate your observation skill,
Your long time perseverance is nice,
Already we have offered you title
And today I write this poem for you
With your Title of Honour recognition,
Because, today is your celebration day,
In this special occasion we address,
We call you with special Title of Honour!

Oh dear Great Gujarati Indian poet,
Go on writing by your tireless pen,
We appreciate and encourage you,
Let your gems bloom with fragrance
And you smile ever with golden face,
God's grace falls on you continuously!

A commentary and thanksgiving poem this is
Specially created for you poet #218 on top 500 poets
Created by your fellow poet #470 on top 500 poets,
As per today's rank list information on 8 January 2019
As it flashes up in top five hundred poets list today
Of the World Poetry Database in Poem Hunter,
With much care and affection this poem is created!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,08 January 2019. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (121)

Learn to contemplate, While you're all alone; The wrong you have done Out there on your own..../// best and excellent poetic expression, superb 10+ for this poem
Wonderful advice in this poem dear poet. Thank you for your kindness. Appreciated..
Reflect on the lesson That you do receive; Put the message in your heart Just before you leave.....nice message. Beautiful poem for I made second visit.
Take time to think, Many times over; Say something that causes love Instead of anger. An excellent poem, sir Bernard.
Keep your both eyes closed, Never let them blink; You have the opportunity, So take time to think......absolutely brilliant! A great poem my friend! My pleasure reading it again and again!
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