Take Time To Think

Take time to think,
Many times over;
Say something that causes love
Instead of anger.

by Bernard F. Asuncion Click to read full poem

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Beautiful piece. More beautiful the message therein. Excellent rhyme scheme 10/10
We all should take a step back before we proceed. A great poem.
Take time to think, Many times over; Say something that causes love Instead of anger.....wow what a beautiful expression
Very inspiring and true, we must take time to think, specially before talking. Well penned, thank you for sharing.
Wisdom and love; clarity and simplicity; philosophy and beauty: these are the epithets which describe this powerful poem!
Beautiful advice! A kind of self introspection is needed to find our own blemishes and rectify them. If we take a little time to think many of our rash and impulsive actions can be checked. A man who takes time to think hardly land in danger! Well crafted! A sure 10
Amazing poem, excellently created and best end rhymes as needed, I will add this most beautiful poem from your smart mind ToMyPoemList. Thank YOU, dear Bernard Sir! I will read this gem time and again. A 10 Full Score and myriad 10´s more. Thank you so much that you published this in 2015 September. I have read a sublimest poem, smartest thought and worded. WOW! True inspiring. God´s Blessings Greatest for you and fam
Keep your both eyes closed, Never let them blink; You have the opportunity, So take time to think. - - nice poem with a piece of advice
Superbly written. So wise! I love this poem.
It's never too late to find time to think about your thoughts. Put them in order. Congratulations for a very nice poem.10+++++
Beautiful poetic advice. I am so happy and eager to read as well as follow this again and again.
Congrats for having berth in 500 poets.. very nice poem for time to think over.. wisdom never fails... beautiful poem...10 your heart shall echo and blow the remorse tune if ever you any wrong you have done " Come to me with a clean heart, God says don't shy away from the guilt you have inner strength ask for mercy and breath easily Hasmukh Mehta http: //www.poemhunter.com/hasmukh-amathalal/
A very clear and very practical poem! Love it!
There is no other way 2 than 2 say it straight- this poem is beautiful wit small imsges dat inspire
So apt and insightful. The topic' take time to think' is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing
A very thoughtful message written so simply and beautifully. Thank you for sharing.
Learn to contemplate, While you're all alone; The wrong you have done Out there on your own..../// best and excellent poetic expression, superb 10+ for this poem
Wonderful advice in this poem dear poet. Thank you for your kindness. Appreciated..
Reflect on the lesson That you do receive; Put the message in your heart Just before you leave.....nice message. Beautiful poem for I made second visit.