(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Take Two Weeks Isolated

Those seeking to get encouragement,
To release what discourages them to let go...
May find it more to their benefit,
They refrained from deciding,
Which delusions to keep!
And which pretentions should be kept,
That are better accepted when socializing.
To then take two weeks isolated,
Away from all prioritized nonsense...
With a hope 'something' mentally materializes,
That produces a thought not brought upon by insanity.

'Is that your best advice,
Doctor? '

With 'your' budget?
Of course those with higher incomes,
I find it to 'my' benefit to keep them medicated.

Isn't that malpractice? '

Between you and me...
If you came to me seeking to maintain,
The making of impressions to dismiss reality...
I would not hesitate to prescribe the best drug.
You...on the other hand,
Seem to be seeking to make sense.
And most of the patients I see,
Have lost that a long time ago to rely on.

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