Take What You Throw At Me

im glad that i went through what i had
im glad that i got hurt so bad in my past
because i know that i am able to get through this
even though i've been strugglin through it
everything you throw at my way
brings me down
but i always find my way
GOD made me stronger than this
and although sometimes i can't see it
i know that i am
and i don't understand
but it's not for me to
jus leave it to GOD
and a wonder is what he will do
hes been there when nobody else was
he can do what nobody else does
and just when i feel like i have nothing at all
i realize that GOD is my ALL
cause right now the person who i thought was my everything
aint even really there for me
and i gotta understand cause he's hurt
and i'm trying so hard to make it work
and GOD is given me the strength i need
so that i can take EVERYTHING that he throws at me

by Shilesha Johnson

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I don't need to tell you he's your everything and he loves you, 'cause it sound like you already know that :) Keep the faith, and keep writing.
SeEmS LiKe He'S HoPiNg ThAt He Is StILL YoUr EvErYThInG HaNg In ThErE EvErYtHiNg WiLL WoRk OuT He LoVeS YoU