JB (2055 / Earth)

Prelude To Eternity

I rely on the stars for the answers,
Listen to Celestia as she whispers.
May she guide me along the way,
Her trust never betrayed.

Let the moon reign down upon my soul,
My purity she will forever hold.
Through her eyes she shows me the light,
Forever true her glow shines bright.

Wherever the wind may take me,
I know he will not forget me.
For he holds my fate in his hands,
He knows me and understands.

I feel the waves of the ocean,
Extinguishes the fire from within.
Cleansing wounds cannot be mistaken,
Inside the fire, this life without sin.

Peace on earth he is my son,
The hero of all unity, the only one.
Embracing him as he revolves,
Constantly redeeming when he evolves.

The spirit lives in me eternally,
Evanescent unto this eternity.
Apparitions continue beyond control,
Now I bestow what my future holds.

I will breathe once again when fate decides my destiny,
When life kisses my lips to awaken me.
I shall revolutionize once again and return to thee,
Apocalyptic revelation O' sweet deity,
Avenge unto me this Prelude to Eternity...

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forget about abstemiousness with the puppy dog pills! —i want them as a steady diet. hi, jette! hoping this finds you well and friskily slobberingly happily puppyish, glen p.s. i turned seventy the day before yesterday; i'm an official septuagenarian. -g
Wow! As extended metaphors go, this one goes the farthest. I BELIEVE IN THE REALITY OF PUPPY PILLS. I love the sheer audacity of your transformation into a dog, heightened, happy and hilarious. But there's another level here: You made all if this happen by means of words, or more precisely, manipulating words. That's the poet's achievement.
Wow! this is humorous! Happy New Year, Jette.
Hahahahahahahahahaha- - You are a delight to read from your serious poetry to your humorous ones. Happy puppy dog pills! ! ! ! ! ! My word, girl, you have such a lovely and lively mind that you catch me up in your world be it a serious one or a humorous one and sometimes an unsettling combination of both [I think that is called complexity! ]. I absolutely love reading you, top poet! 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Yes, the body is one's own little puppy and it loves to be taken for a run. When it sees its master getting ready, it will snap out of its drowse and frisk around.
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