(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Take Your One-Sided Love

Take your one-sided love away today.
I've already had all sides of it.
I wont miss the side you take away.
In fact...as you threaten it to take back,
That side of love,
You may believe to me you gave...
I never felt.
It was the side promised but never revealed.
You know...
'The I Have No Secrets To Keep From You' side?

Truth never leaves a heart wounded to break.
Take your one-sided love.
Or to participate in 'Why Don't You Love Me' wars.
Take your one-sided love.
Love and the truth of it to give and receive,
Eliminates one's anticipation to feel pain. I wont.
Take your one-sided love.
I'm done being your experiment to experience.
Your one-sided I've been too patient not to miss.

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