AR (6/16/88 / Denver)


Whispers in my ear,
of promises once made.
Memories imprinted on my mind,
that I never want to fade.
A touch that is never ending,
I can feel upon my skin.
A burning of desire,
left deep within.
The ring you gave can still be seen,
upon my left ring finger.
A feeling and a thought,
we both knew wouldn't linger.
Splitting night from day,
tearing apart the norm.
Wandering to find ourselves,
and truly begin to form.
We were never meant to run,
in this forgotten race.
We were never meant to look at love,
and see it's true face.
We were planning on uncertain ground,
that was inevitable to break.
But you were the one,
God had chosen to take.

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yes, he was taken but his memories will still linger in you forever. =)