' Taken For Granted

So many years I've been there for you
Always at your beck and call
Never asking for much in return
Just a little recognition would be nice,
A little hug now and then;

You've been generous almost to a fault
With your money, but not yourself -
Sometimes I wonder
If you even realize that I am there
And that I do have feelings;

We're like an old married couple
Past the stage of romantic notions
Knowing each other well,
Yet not knowing each other at all -
Perhaps afraid to know.......

That would require too much effort
Maybe even commitment,
And how awful that would be -
Not being able to change your mind
If the perfect person came along;

I'm just as much to blame as you -
I should have run a long time ago
Before I let you get to me
With your enigmatic nature...
Always hoping for a miracle;

And suddenly you've found yours
And just like that, I become invisible -
Oh, and by the way, you said......
I won't be available for Sunday breakfast -
I have other plans......

Well, I hope your plans are worth it -
I won't be sitting here waiting
For you to come crawling back,
Expecting me to understand
When things fall apart;

And I hope they do.


by Linda Ori

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I would say this could very easily be a song; a torch song of hurt and loss. -LP