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Taken For Granted
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Taken For Granted

Poem By Bob Gotti

While coming from a darker life, I treasure, much more, Jesus Christ,
He, who took me from that night, bringing me to His Awesome Light.
While in that dark, He touched my eyes, to see the life I now despise,
God’s Truth to me He did show, about that darkness I came to know.

But, some men born into His Light, may not share this precious sight,
Taking for granted this present life, not looking much to Jesus Christ.
Although they may know The Truth, their own life displays little proof,
Of the deep abiding love for Him, The Lord, who died for all their sin.

Some seem to have no appreciation, for The Lord and His Salvation,
Who had left Glory to set men free, and give new life to you and me.
But the new life for some is ignored, as they do not follow their Lord,
For change in their life has no part, while they follow their sinful heart.

Taking for granted all that was done, by Christ Jesus God’s own Son,
Coming to earth to die in our stead, this, for a people spiritually dead.
Men who ignore The Spirit living inside, sent by Jesus for us to abide,
Choosing to live their foolish way; ignoring all that the Spirit does say.

Taken for granted by some of us, is Christ the Lord, in whom we trust,
When to The Lord we do not give, this present life that we have to live,
Who saved us from a darkened world, so our life The Spirit can herald,
Using the witness of the believer’s life, as God’s Light for Jesus Christ.

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Gods awesome light guides and makes for a brighter path to follow! * 10 * Nice write Bob! ! ! Thad