Taken From Me

Poem By Paige Keever

Why have they taken this form me? Swallowed down in to the deep dark depths, of the ruin he calls love. The place where love and hate combine. In which they commense deaths of the loved. Therefore creating a sickend madness of a spiraling downfall to a little girls intuition.

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Step into my helpless home
Carry me to my helpless bed
Where so many fires have blown
Hide behind my door and wait for him to come


Good days,
Bad days,
They're all just days.
Torn into little peices.

My Love

My dearest love
I think of you daily
And how i miss your gentle hand
The one that caressed my cheek

Never Screams

She never screams
You would never know the pain
Until its to late
Everything's shaded

I Know

I can see you
See the misery
I can hear you
Hear the lies