JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

Taken My Wings

since you were gone all these days and the people just to tempting to
do the things i did

the knives still so sharp and taunting wanting me to play

the people still so sad that only wishes could bring them smiles

but still i try for you and your parents who just can't stand the fact of us

for the people i try to help steal away all their misery

for them i am their cucoon the empty all the sad and angry for just their happiness i give

and for me it just sits there wandering looking for it's own way out

why did god tear my wings brake them away from me i miss them already

the arms that he tore from it's socket then healed the skin

why did he have to take them away through all the good i try that he said is bad and all the smile i try to provoke

i want my wings all white and feathery damn him god stright to hell for my rebelion

and yet for them i just could give them all the more happiness to smile

i could to all the more good for the people around this cuccon but please i found my wings of light though i still cannot fly

wing that still glow with such brillance of only the heart i guess he stole my feathery one just to give a pair that everyone else can find in their live

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