Legacy Of Angels

The Legacy of Angels, a widow’s reprieve,
An absence of sorrow, forgetting to grieve,
A winter prophecy, snowflake stigmata,
The tower of spectres, fate of a martyr,
Master of wishes, slayer of dreams,
End of the nightmares, start of the screams.

Morgan le Fay speaks of terrible sights,
Sanctus Angelus clouding the light.

Snake-eyed Judas, the dragons take wing,
Afraid of their guilt, ashamed of their king,
A chronicle bringer, a circle of lies,
Wine of the grail, a drunken disguise,
Haunted by angels, followed by swans,
Last rose of summer, first frost of dawn,

The Northern Lights shed tears of brilliance,
As clouds and mist weep effervescence.

A snow-covered pathway, a door to the dark,
The remaining enchantment, the song of the lark,
Battle of bridges, wars between ships,
The moon turns red, a broken eclipse.
Song of a dead boy, the tragedy of fear,
The Legacy of Angels, pierced by a spear.

by R K Summers

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(Taking A Nap by Matsuo Basho.) **Comfortable position, providing it's a warm season.